The Husband and I just spent a lovely long weekend in the north woods.

I always take a ton of photos in the woods, because I want to be able to capture and communicate the experience.  I’m happiest in the woods because we speak one another’s language.  I get them, and that kind of joy isn’t one I find in many other places.

So it’s hella frustrating for me to take photos of things that really sing when I meet them, and then get the photos home and wonder what that’s supposed to be and why the hell I photographed it in the first place.  It took me years to realize that photographs are so frustrating because the communication that prompts them isn’t solely, or even primarily, visual.  It’s also sound, but much more smell and touch.

Trying to explain my nature photos after coming back from the woods is like trying to explain all the jokes I heard in conversation after coming back from France.  Half of them don’t translate at all and the other half require a perspective on humor that most Americans never get the chance to cultivate.

Anyway, here are a bunch of translations from the last two days:

IMG_20140525_135009_335 IMG_20140524_120414_060 IMG_20140524_113622_843 IMG_20140524_112500_666 IMG_20140525_170413_215 IMG_20140525_171142_921 IMG_20140525_172241_107 IMG_20140525_172259_430 IMG_20140525_172712_768 IMG_20140525_173038_024 IMG_20140525_173805_933 IMG_20140525_173817_114 IMG_20140525_191318_289 IMG_20140525_191430_886