Backstopping: Supporting the Autistic Person in Your Life

One of the (many) things my husband does for me and for which I am hugely grateful. His backstopping has saved us both from innumerable meltdowns/shutdowns and let us go on doing whatever we were doing (attending a party, grocery shopping, etc) instead of having to drop it all midway.

Musings of an Aspie

The Scientist and I moved cross-country a few years ago. We made the drive In four days and by the middle of the fourth day I was on the verge of shutdown. It was way past lunch time, we were out of snacks and we were driving through Middle of Nowhere, West Virginia.

When we finally came upon a place to eat it was a McDonald’s. Just the thought of eating fast food made me feel nauseous. I said I would walk the dog around while The Scientist went inside to order. When he asked what I wanted, I said “Nothing.” By the time he came out with a big bag of food, I was sitting on the curb by the car with my head on my knees, wishing I could teleport myself the final four hundred miles to our new home.

The Scientist sat down to me and said,”I…

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