Call for Submissions: The Spoon Knife Anthology (NeuroQueer Books, Autonomous Press)

Fellow ND/NQ writers might be interested in this.

Barking Sycamores

NeuroQueer Books from Autonomous Press seeks work for its upcoming Spoon Knife Anthology. Quoting from the call from submissions on the Autonomous Press website (

“We are happy to announce that we are seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, and memoir for an upcoming collection called The Spoon Knife Anthology. This book will be released as one of the kickoff projects for AutPress’s NeuroQueer Books line, which focuses on neurodivergence and disability as they intersect and interact with queer issues. This includes queering disability and neurodivergence, as well as discussing how it functions or fits with other aspects of a queer identity.”

Themes for this anthology include: compliance, defiance, resistance, consent. Deadline: September 8, 2015. More information available at:

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