Autistic Woman Writes Blog Post

For Autism “Awareness” Month, I’m telling thirty inspiring short stories about an inspirational autistic person – me!  Thrill at my incredible exploits…with autism!

Local blog readers were inspired recently to discover that an autistic woman had written a blog post.

“It was really amazing,” said local blog reader Sally Anne.  “She used entire sentences, even.  And there were hardly any typos.”

“I’ve never seen anyone blog like that while affected by a diagnosis consistent with a placement on the spectrum of autism,” said local blog reader Simon Caron-Bohen.  “It made me think – if an autistic woman can write a blog post, just what have I been doing with my life?”

The blog post appeared on the marginally-popular blog Autistic Academic.  Rumors that the entire blog is written by an autistic person could not be substantiated at press time but are believed to be untrue. I mean, really – a whole blog?


4 thoughts on “Autistic Woman Writes Blog Post

  1. I literary snorted out reading this! Nice spin on the inspirational porn usually found on “news stories” about autistic people.


  2. *gasps and clutches pearls* The whole thing?! That can’t be true! Autism is such a trgical tradgedy that those afflicted can’t possibly lead full and productive lives! We must spread awareness!

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  3. I love this. I love how literally anything that us autistic people do is considered a massive achievement by neurotypical people because *gasp* how the heck can we mere mortals EVER do the things that they can? It’s simply unheard of!


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