Autistic Woman Feeds the Cat, Finally

For Autism “Awareness” Month, I’m telling thirty inspiring short stories about an inspirational autistic person – me!  Thrill at my incredible exploits…with autism!

A local autistic woman fed the cat this weekend, finally, according to local felines.

Sources say that the autistic woman, who has been facing a lifelong battle with executive function difficulties that make her quirky and adorable until they make her god what the hell is wrong with you, opened a can of Friskies’ Classic Salmon Dinner, dumped it into a bowl, and placed the bowl in front of her long-suffering cat companion, just in time to prevent the cat from literally starving to death.

“The human fed me, finally,” said onlooker Gracie de Chat.  “I’ve only been trying to train her to open the food can at 7 p.m. on the dot for nine years.  Do you see that speck at the bottom of the nasty dry crap cat food bowl?  That one right there?  It’s practically empty!”

This journalist admitted she could not see the speck and got swatted with claws for her trouble.

Studies are ongoing to see whether yowling therapy can be successfully applied to training autistic people in other useful skills, such as petting the cat, playing with the cat, and holding still so the cat can nap on their laps.


4 thoughts on “Autistic Woman Feeds the Cat, Finally

  1. My cat does yowling therapy too. And also “gently tap the human with your paw” therapy, and when that doesn’t work, “dig your claws into the human’s leg” therapy. That last one works pretty well. XD


  2. My cat is jealous. You see, this morning there was a tiny speck of food at the bottom of her bowl and her cruel autistic owner ignored her yowls.


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