Autistic Woman Turns One Year Older

For Autism “Awareness” Month, I’m telling thirty inspiring short stories about an inspirational autistic person – me!  Thrill at my incredible exploits…with autism!

An autistic woman had a birthday this year at which she managed to turn one entire year older, according to thrilled family and friends.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said bakery owner and professional “autism mom” Cru Sader.  “Not only did she get older, she got an entire year older – all at once!  People who find themselves adjacent to a consideration of behavior consistent with a diagnosis touching the penumbra of the spectrum of autism-like tragedies get older, almost like real people!  It almost makes me think life is worth living for them.”

“Almost,” she added, for emphasis.

Some researchers speculate that, although autistic people may appear to get an entire year older “all at once,” in fact many autistic people age gradually over the course of a year, celebrating a birthday as a largely arbitrary measurement of that progress.  However, this theory has largely been debunked, as studies on mouse brains grown in petri dishes demonstrate that gradual aging is too similar to real human behavior to be shared by autistics.


3 thoughts on “Autistic Woman Turns One Year Older

  1. Brilliant! I am soon to achieve turning one whole year older all at once – your story has inspired me with confidence that I will not spontaneously combust or encounter some other terrible happenstance through attempting this while autistic 🙂


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