Autistic Woman Drinks Entire Quart of Orange Juice

In a record-setting display of inspirational fortitude, an area autistic woman finished an entire quart of orange juice this morning, according to local family members.

“I feel truly blessed to have witnessed such an inspiring event,” said the autistic woman’s normal best human friend, Patience de los Santos.  “She drank that orange juice just like a real person would, with her mouth.  Granted, she drank it straight from the carton, but the fact that she finished that juice at all is a miracle!”

The autistic woman had been working on finishing the quart of orange juice for about a week, say family members who flew in from both coasts to celebrate the inspiring event, but had only managed to drink about 12 ounces of the juice per day.

Rumors that the autistic woman then disposed of the empty orange juice container in an appropriate waste receptacle were unsubstantiated at press time.


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