Autistic Woman Folds Laundry

For Autism “Awareness” Month, I’m telling thirty inspiring short stories about an inspirational autistic person – me!  Thrill at my incredible exploits…with autism!

A local autistic woman folded a load of laundry today, according to national news reports.

The woman was spotted standing in her living room, folding what appeared to be a stack of bathroom towels.  “I was blown away,” said local neighbor Noe Zee.  “She matched up the corners, and then she folded the towels in half, and then she did it again.  She did it until she had a whole pile of little fabric squares.  Then she put them in the linen closet.”

“I think there were some dish towels in there, too,” Zee added.

According to Zee, the autistic woman has also been seen to fold other types of laundry, including T-shirts, jeans, and the occasional pair of underwear.  But experts caution that this type of behavior is not typical of autistic development.

“It’s more likely that laundry-folding is an autistic savant or “splinter” skill,” said autism spokesperson Simon Caron-Bohen.  “Most autistic children never develop this ability.  Those who do are simply going through the motions – they don’t have a ‘theory of laundry,’ so they don’t understand what laundry really means.  Some of them can fake it very convincingly, though.”

At press time, the autistic woman could be seen placing the laundry baskets back in the hallway closet where they belonged.


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  1. That ‘theory of laundry’ bit made me laugh out loud. Really. Not like typing ‘lol’ while only smiling briefly, but actually laughing loudly in front of my computer.


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