Autistic Woman Wears Pants

A local autistic woman was spotted wearing pants in a public place recently, according to the News Channel 7 Catch an Inspiring Person Inspiring You Team.

“They were real pants,” said a breathless witness to the sartorial spectacle.  “She wasn’t trying to pass off sweatpants or leggings as pants.  They were actually pants.  That she was wearing.  Like she put them on to leave the house or something.  I mean, wow.  I can’t even do that.”

The woman, who was rumored to be in the process of buying a chalupa when she was spotted wearing the pants, had vanished from the scene by the time news teams arrived.  However, many famous autism-related individuals were standing around to talk to reporters instead.

“Wearing pants is a well-documented ‘savant’ or ‘splinter’ skill in autism,” said autism researcher S. Avant.  “Unfortunately, like most savant skills, it comes with a pretty hefty dose of idiocy.  There is no reason to believe that this person understands what pants are when she puts them on – or why no one should wear those pants with that shirt.”

Researchers are currently camped out at the autistic woman’s house to see if she will emerge wearing something else tomorrow.