Autistic Woman Asks for Advice

An autistic woman asked a friend for advice recently, according to News Channel’s “news stalkers.”

“I saw it on her Facebook,” said an anonymous member of our News Stalker team.  “She posted two pictures of dresses and asked which one she should wear to an upcoming funeral.  TWO pictures.  Of DRESSES.

“I don’t even ask for advice when I’m actually lost,” the anonymous News Stalker added.

Unfortunately, many in the autism community are calling the story a hoax.  “She clearly just reblogged an article about that #TheDress nonsense from a while back,” said autism fashionista Gremple Tandin.  “No actual person with autism would wear either of the dresses in those pictures.  They had lace!  And, like, itchy bits!  Besides, it is a well-known science fact that autistic people’s legs cannot be seen in natural daylight.  If they even have legs.”

This report has raised serious questions regarding whether the autistic woman’s Facebook page is run by her, or is actually run by a healthy normal person who is merely pretending to be autistic.  News Stalkers have persisted in monitoring the autistic woman’s Facebook page for other signs of fraud, like posting recipes, pictures of food, or indications of independent thought.