Autistic Woman Takes Nap

An autistic woman inspired her entire hometown by taking a nap today, according to local sources.

“My heart soared, just watching her snooze on that lawn chair in the sunshine,” said helpful and definitely not intrusive neighbor Noe Zee.  “I never imagined such a marvelous life, especially for a person touched by an angel of autism.  My own naps will be so much more meaningful now that I’ve seen one of these special friends struggle to achieve the same feat.”

Napping in people with autism is a little-studied and poorly-understood phenomenon.  The National Science Foundation recently began offering substantial research grants to teams dedicated to its study and, as will surely be necessary, its prevention and cure.

“We know that napping can be beneficial for normal brain function,” said expert nap researcher Gracie du Chat.  “Therefore, it stands to reason that naps are actually destroying the autistic brain and must be eliminated if possible – just as we’ve eliminated being listened to and taken seriously, so important for normal brain health, from autistic treatment.”

UPDATE: Sources say the autistic woman was awakened by the sound of a car pulling into the neighbor’s driveway.  More information as the story develops.


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