Autistic Woman Dresses as Faerie

An autistic woman appeared at a local costume party dressed as an escapee from beneath the hollow hill recently, according to inspired partygoers.

“I’ve never seen anything so sweet,” said local partier Cas Tume.  “There she was, all dressed up in a long skirt and flowers in her hair and pretty wings!  I mean, I’ve always known these special angels were sent to Earth to teach us all very important lessons, but to see one dressed up was absolutely precious!”

While many partygoers were astonished to see an autistic person appearing in public in a costume, researchers note that autistic people may actually be more prone to dressing as fae than the general public.

“We’ve long known that autistic people are actually faerie changelings who were swapped out for the normal children their parents rightfully deserved soon after birth,” said autism researcher Bett Brunoheim.  “Recent advances in DNA testing have conclusively proven that this is the case.”

While the cause of autism fairy changelings is not known, Brunoheim cautions parents to watch their children closely during and after the vaccination process.  “That’s when they get ya,” he said.  “Them vaccinations.”  He recommended protecting infants with circles of salt or by placing an iron object, such as a pair of scissors, in the cradle.