Autistic Woman Reads Inspiring News Article About Autistic Boy

If you weren’t feeling emotional at the end of a long whatever the hell day of the week it is, you will be soon.

A tear-jerking article about an autistic woman reading a Daily Mail piece about a Coldplay fan crying as his favorite band played one of his favorite songs is sweeping the Internet – even being shared by other autistic people themselves.

The poignant blog post, written by an anonymous individual whose grasp of satire indicates she is definitely not autistic, describes the autistic woman reading the Daily Mail article at her house that she lives in among crowds of furniture and a couple of cats.

The autistic woman’s mix of emotions are vivid as she reads about the boy watching one of his well-loved songs, “Fix You” being played live by the British band.

The autistic woman shakes her head and facepalms, but is so caught up with emotion that she cannot even.

On witnessing the autistic woman’s reaction the anonymous blogger also becomes emotional and presses her lips together as she utters the words “NTs are fucking weird.”

The anonymous blogger posted the article online with the words ‘Something my wife and I decided to share with the whole wide world.

‘You have to read it.  NTs are weird!  You guys #NTs need to explain what the fuck you find so inspiring about this!’

It has since been shared tens of times on Facebook and Twitter and has over 1.7 viewers on YouTube.

Amazingly the video reached some normal humans who went on to post it on their official pages with the words ‘This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile.  Hello autistic person who can also read!  Love.’

The article has touched social media users nowhere, because it has better manners than to touch people without their consent, and many who say they have autism but are obviously lying because they can type themselves have thanked the anonymous blogger for sharing the special moment.

One wrote: ‘I have to say this what I always say to myself and other people that read trashy inspoporn, you are not Inspoporn, you are still you’re self.  Look on the bright side.  You can read many things that are not inspoporn.’

Another commented: ‘I am expected to be inspiring to normal people myself I was diagnosed at age 7 and I am also a mega Not Reading Fucking Inspoporn fan, this made me tear up, thank you so much for sharing this satirical blog post.’