Autistic Woman Exceeds Expectations

An autistic woman exceeded the expectations of her entire neighborhood recently, resulting in a deluge of phone calls, emails, tweets, and semaphore to the News Channel 7 Catch an Inspiring Person Inspiring You Team.

“It was amazing,” said local autistic woman’s neighbor Noe Zee.  “I mean, I thought I knew what autistic people were like, but I was so surprised!  I never in all my days thought I’d see such a special friend going above and beyond like that.”

“She really exceeded my expectations,” said local autistic woman’s neighbor Cur Mudgeon.  “I mean, I thought I knew what to expect out of people near autism, but she really did more than that.”

“It just goes to show you that the only real disability is doing what’s expected,” Mudgeon added, before slamming his front door in this reporter’s face.

To learn more about this astonishing breakthrough in autism research, we spoke to the head of Normal University’s Department of Autism and Junk Philosophy, Dr. X.C. Pectayshun.

“Once in a great while, an autistic person will exceed our expectations,” Pectayshun confirmed.  “However, we don’t consider exceeding expectations in any way to be among the diagnostic criteria for autism.  Quite the opposite, in fact: one of the main signs we look for is a complete failure to meet, much less to exceed, parental expectations in early childhood.”

The department recently received a $70 million grant from Autism Does Stuff to examine whether “exceeding expectations” points the way to a cure for this tragic disease.