Autistic Woman is Aware of Autism

An autistic woman expressed awareness of autism recently, according to astonished onlookers who say their lives have been changed by this event.

“The doctors told us she would never be aware of anything, including what a terrible burden she is to those who must tragically deal with her existence,” said local Autism Does Stuff spokesperson Lucha Blue.  “Yet, after a month of shining blue lights, constant public service announcements, and inspirational stories about how people like her have overcome themselves in order to be marginally less icky to the rest of us, she finally gets it!”

Sources close to the autistic woman say they aren’t surprised that it took a full thirty days for the autistic woman to become aware of autism.

“While normal humans can become experts on autism by observing only a few billboards or ‘awareness’ films, autistic people need repeated exposure to the idea just to become aware that autism exists,” explained local autism “therapist” Ivar Saavol.  “Without the tireless efforts of blue-lightbulb manufacturers like Autism Does Stuff, most autistic people would never know a single thing about autism.”

Although Autism Awareness Month has now ended, the inspiring individuals who deal with autistics and their autisticness have hope.  Record quantities of tacky puzzle-piece swag were distributed this year, which means the chances that autistic people will become aware of autism are at an all-time high.