AMA Part 3: Fun and Games

Taking a leaf from a friend’s blog, I let Facebook ask me anything.  I’m blogging the answers to the questions I received over the next several days, in no particular order.

Today: fun stuff.

Have you written Fanfiction? If so, have you put in a neurodivergent Original Character or made a canon character neurodivergent?


Until about five years ago, I would have said that I had neither put in a neurodivergent OC or interpreted a canon character as neurodivergent.  LOL I WOULD HAVE BEEN LYING TO US ALL.

I’m 33, and I started writing fanfiction when I was about 9.  I still have quite a bit of it from when I was 13 or so onwards.  In the past several months (due to the reemergence of The X-Files and some other interesting life events), I’ve reread quite a bit of it.  Here’s what I learned:

1. Someone needed to take the adverbs away from my teenage self.  NO.  BAD.

2. All of it – ALL OF IT – reflects my attempts to deal with the trauma I was experiencing at the time.  Some of that was the trauma of being an undiagnosed (or – what’s the word for “probably had a diagnosis but no one told you”?) autistic being raised by a parent who really, really did not accept that, some of that was the trauma of having multiple chronic pain conditions and unaddressed serious injuries, some of it was other stuff.

I thought I wrote fanfiction to get away from the trauma of my life.  Instead I went deeper into it.  I am currently suspecting that when one has trauma and writes fiction, those two paths are the same path.

3. Because so much of it was about dealing with my own trauma as a neurodivergent kid, I both gravitated to obviously neurodivergent characters and wrote OCs (including a few tragic Mary Sues) as neurodivergent.  I read Mulder as neurodivergent, but so does most of the fandom.  I read Himura Kenshin as a trauma-induced neurodivergent multiple (and the moral of the Kyoto arc as “you live well as a multiple when you accept everyone in your system,” not “you live well when you stop being a multiple”).  I flapsqueed so hard I fell out of my chair when season 2 of Agents of SHIELD gave us both Coulson and Fitz as neurodivergent – my attraction to the entire MCU is that it is a diverse set of narratives on how we manage neurodivergence as it is connected to trauma.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what food and why?

Against the Grain’s GF sesame bagels.  I’ve eaten these for breakfast every morning since my celiac diagnosis, and they never get old.  Alternately, black cherries.