Autie Autism and the Incredible CFP

The ABA section of In A Different Key is turning out to be difficult to read, which I expected, although it is difficult for reasons I did not expect.  I expected it to be traumatizing; instead it is, surprisingly, boring.

So, while I continue to slog through it, here’s something else in the meantime.

This CFP is giving me fits.  I’ll be submitting something, of course – when someone publishes a CFP that says, in essence, “We’re doing a special issue about your focus area in one of the top two journals in your field,” you get on that.  But the CFP itself…eh.

First, I don’t find the questions presented particularly engaging.  Part of this is the format (closed-ended questions, really?).  Most of it is the content.  The short answer to all three of those questions is “No,” and only the third one has a “No” interesting enough to generate a paper.

Second, check out the literal footnote: “We welcome contributions from autistic/neuro-atypical persons.”

This footnote is an object lesson in What’s Wrong With Academic Discussions of Autism Narrative Today.  There are several autistic people, who are also academics in various fields, writing about autistic narrative/autistic ethnography/autie-biography/etc.  Yet this footnote, by “welcoming” contributions “from autistic/neuro-atypical persons,” manages to elide the existence of autistic academics (with, for whatever they’re worth here, actual credentials in relevant fields) completely.  We’re not interesting for our contributions to the academic discussion of autistic narrative.  We’re only interesting as self-narrating zoo exhibits.

Because satire has become my main defense against constant reminders that I am Not Quite Human, several Autistic friends and I generated a series of children’s book titles inspired by this CFP.  How are these for “autism narratives”?

Autie Autism and the Self Narrating Zoo Exhibit

Autie Autism and Why Are They Killing Us?

Autie Autism and The Changeling of Death

Autie Autism Gets a Tenure-Track Job and Publishes a Monograph But No One Asks For Their Contribution to the JLCDS Special Issue on Autism Narrative

Autie Autism Can’t Get a Tenure-Track Job Beecause the Interview Space is Economically and Cognitively Inaccessible, Starts a Publishing Company, Creates a Stable Pool of Over 100 Contributing Neurodivergent Artists, Publishes an Interdisciplinary Multi-Modal Monograph Memoir in Verse, Comes Out As Trans, STILL DOESN’T GET A TENURE-TRACK JOB, STILL DOESN’T GET INVITED

Autie Autism Seizes the Means of Production

Autie Autism Has Been Writing About This Shit Almost 20 Years But No One Listens Because Parents

Autie Autism and The Activism Career That Started 10 Years Before Your Book and Is Still Going 10 Years After But You Still Haven’t Caught On

Autie Autism and the Retail Job Because Despite Ten Years of Writing and Five Years in Disability Studies There Is No Job for a Self-Narrating Zoo Exhibit That Critiques Its Employer

Autie Autism and This Is Your Special Interest Field But No One Is Hiring Pissed Off Autistics

Autie Autism and the Special Interest That Isn’t STEM

Autie Autism and Everyone Keeps Telling Me To Take a Job in Tech Even Though I Know Nothing About Tech

Autie Autism and I Don’t See Any Representations of Myself in Media So I Head-Canon Some and People Tell Me I’m Hurting Autistics

Autie Autism and the Professionals Denying Me Being Autistic Because [Pick All That Apply]: A) I Am Too Social, B) I Am Verbal, C) I Appear To Make Eye Contact, D) I Have a Job, E) I Am a Woman, F) Other Rationale That Basically Means I’m Not a White, Middle-Class Little Boy With Whatever Stereotypes They’ve Picked Up

Autie Autism and the Autism Diagnosis Based on Her Special Interest in Star Trek

Autie Autism and Infiltrating Autism Research Spaces

Autie Autism and The List Of Titles That is Totally Going in the Paper About How Autie Autism Exists Thank You