Emotional Labor, Gender, and the Erasure of Autistic Women

Yesterday, I stumbled across a listicle at My Aspergers Child, titled “Married to an Aspie: 25 Tips for Spouses.”  As you might expect from a title containing the word “Aspie” and the improbable number “25,” this list was terrible (and did not, in fact, contain 25 tips).  Emma and I unpacked several of its varied problematic assumptions here; I spoofed it on Field Notes on Allistics here, and The Digital Hyperlexic did some more unpacking here.

What I’d like to do now is to discuss the intersection of gender, assumptions about emotional labor, and the erasure or overlooking of autistic women that results.


2 thoughts on “Emotional Labor, Gender, and the Erasure of Autistic Women

  1. Maybe we should write our own listicle. At number 1: answer the phone!

    My husband doesn’t like to speak on the phone because English isn’t his first language and also because he can’t be bothered. I don’t like to speak on the phone because it gives me horrible anxiety to have to interact with someone I quite likely have never met, who is almost certainly going to be trying to sell me something I don’t want (and saying no to things I don’t want also gives me horrible anxiety, for some reason….). And yet every time the phone rings he says ‘I’m not in!’

    It drives me to distraction.

    Thank you for this.

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