Fun With the Search Terms, Part II: More Fun With the Search Terms Than Part I Was

Periodically, I go through this blog’s list of search terms people use to get here, and respond to them as if they are questions searchers asked me personally instead of, y’know, Google.  Here are the newest ones on the list.

gay women with autism

There are a lot of them!  Also a lot of bisexual women with autism!  I am one of them!  But I am also married and monogamous so if this was a dating request I am sorry about that.

gwendolyn kansen cure

Oh no!  Is she sick?

neurodiversity advocates


academic list for auisism

I’m not entirely sure what prompted this one.  Does the searcher need a reading list?  A lesson plan for an autistic (excuse me, “auisistic”) kid? A list of autistic professors?

I can probably produce all three, but not on what I’ve got here.

men do not do emotional labor

…Well.  They do some, unless they live alone in a cave (and they might even do some then; Tom Hanks was real kind to that volleyball in Castaway).  Some men do more emotional labor than others.

At the societal/cultural level, however, the bulk of the emotional labor falls to women in most cases, yes.

are there any autism publications that pay for submissions?

You want the “upcoming anthologies” announcements at Autonomous Press.

was lewis carroll autistic

No.  Yes!  Maybe?  IDK, diagnosing people who have been dead for centuries has always been a dicey proposition.  He might have just been really, really addled from all the formaldehyde and calomel in his diet.


One thought on “Fun With the Search Terms, Part II: More Fun With the Search Terms Than Part I Was

  1. my initial reaction was laugh and try not to spit tea into my newly built keyboard as I don’t think it is liquid resistant, but on reflection I find it alarming someone on the planet actually typed those iterms into a search engine hoping for a serious answer. A large WTF is probably the only valid response. As for the men don’t do emotional labour I think is is confusing “men” with “uncaring jerks”. I’m faaaar from neurotypical and show emotional responses differently however I still show them. I mean come on, autism doesn’t mean people are robots for goodness sake, I’m tired of hearing that just because I tend to process stuff on the logical side doesn’t mean I don’t actually have emotions. The emotions just tend to manifest in logical way rather than an average neurotypical manner but you’d need to be missing something to think that.


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