Fun Stuff for the Holidays

We have book bundles.  And toys.  They are glorious.  And if you order them today or tomorrow, they’ll arrive by Christmas.  Or Kwanzaa.  Or the start of Hanukkah.


From Ink and Daggers Illustration, BUTTONS.  I’ll be ordering an “Ask Me About My Conversion Therapy” as a stocking stuffer for myself.  “Respect the Stim” and “Vaccines Made Me Gay” also available.


For Autistic Activists, friends with new diagnoses in the family, professionals who “work with” autistic people, and anyone else who needs to be In the Know:

  • The ABCs of Autism Acceptance, by Sparrow Rose Jones
  • Typed Words, Loud Voices, edited by Amy Sequenzia and Ibby Grace
  • The Real Experts, edited by Michelle Sutton

Anticipating the release of Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber?  Want to know what this “Neuroqueer” revolution in literature is all about?  Just want to read some dang good spec fic?  You need the NeuroQueer Horizons bundle:

  • The Spoon Knife Anthology, edited by Michael S. Monje Jr. and N.I. Nicholson.  (I have a piece in this one as well!)
  • Imaginary Friends, by Michael S. Monje Jr.
  • Mirror Project, by Michael S. Monje Jr.

(PS: Mirror Project will be re-released soon with a new title, so if you’re into collectibles, get your “first edition” copy while you can!)

Michael S. Monje Jr.’s Shaping Clay series follows the life and mishaps of Clay Dillon through an epic thirty volumes, the first three of which are in print.  While you can read Shaping Clay: The Elementary Trilogy in any order, I recommend the order listed here:

  • Defiant (nominated for the Lambda Literary Award!)
  • Nothing is Right
  • Imaginary Friends

(Nothing is Right is also slated for re-release with a new cover, which will also make this edition a collectible.  Get yours while you can.)

(Want to find out what happens next in the Shaping Clay series before your friends do?  Subscribe to the author’s Patreon!)

Love poetry?  We have a NeuroQueer Poetry Bundle:

  • Barking Sycamores: Year One, edited by V. Solomon Maday and N.I. Nicholson
  • Teaching Languagings to: Nonverbal Thinkers: The US Book, by Michael Scott Monje Jr. (I wrote the Afterword!)
  • Adrift in a Sea of M&Ms, Marcel Price, aka “Fable the Poet”

And, last but not least….


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